Monday, February 24, 2014

MacKenzie, Miss Green if Ya Nasty

I love clothing, I can't help it...I just loooove clothes with an insane passion.

I was having major writers block thinking about what to write about today.  While I was procrastinating about what to write, I found myself searching on one of my favorite sites...Nasty Gal!

I spent 8 months commuting back and forth between DC, NYC and LA last year while I was an MBA Fellow at UCLA Anderson.  I resisted the West Coast constantly, but it worked its way in to my spirit.  And somehow LA worked its way in to my style aesthetic.

East Coast and West Coast dressing is drastically different, and I was one of those jaded Eat Coasters who didn't think LA had a style, that it was just a bunch of surfers and girls in barely there bikinis, in a more wheat grass-y version of Miami.  But boy was I wrong...

...I devoured City of Style in on plane ride from DC to LA.  I fell in love with the book, and Nasty Gal fed the obsession.

They blend my favorite 90s Clueless esthetic with that cool LA vibe.  In my mind, slash alternate life, I'm the epitome of the Nasty Gal customer...but really I'm a J Crew loving preppy.  What they provide me, is a break from my usual clothing to dress like a hipster 25 year old.

So while I California Dream in this continual Polar Vortex, I'll keep scrolling through Nasty Gal, and reading City of Style dreaming of alternate MacKenzie who owns a beach cruiser and rides around Santa juice in hand.

What style sites and books inspire you?